What they say: A Current Trustee

 If Charities have the reputation of being slow organisations then this is not true of Students’ Unions. They are fast paced, dynamic and exciting organisations. My board meetings are full of positive reports, interesting ideas and a sense that something transformative is happening in real time around us. As an External Trustee I am always impressed by the input of the officers around me and the dedicated nature of the staff who want to make a difference.

I don’t just feel like just one more voice on the board. I know that the support I give is useful to the other members of the board, especially the student members who I sit alongside. I’ve been able to provide a framework for processes and finances but it is their values and drive that make the experience so enjoyable. My day job includes lots of meetings and feeling the values of democracy, diversity and empowerment present in the students’ union board are a different world.  

It’s not just a warm feeling that my SU board experience gives me. I’ve also been able to use new approaches in my employment, think more about values among my team and develop in unusual ways. I really recommend it.
Martin Bailey, External Trustee SU Arts, London

What they say: A Student Elected Officer

Students’ Unions are run by students- we get elected to represent, change, develop and transform. But we can’t do this on our own. So as well as employing experts to help us deliver our mission, we also need people like you- external Trustees able to guide and advise us.

The role is amazing. Being part of a political organisation, in a continually changing Higher Education sector, with a rapid membership turnover, requires dynamism and commitment not associated with other Trustee positions in traditional charities.

It means different types of considerations and a more holistic approach about our role in wider politics and society and the vision we help portray, as well as never losing sight of the crucial day-to-day role we play in the lives of students.

Kat Hackshaw - President at West London Students' Union

What they say: An SU Chief Executive

It's an impossibly exciting time to be involved with Students' Unions. Over the past few years SUs have been developing our organisations' services, structures, programmes and people to match the ambitions of our incredible students. Now were ready to embrace the future, innovate, and pioneer new ways to meet our students' needs.

Over the next few years, we’ll be developing innovative new strategies, spending millions between us on transforming our facilities and implementing exciting new plans in our services. As a trustee you will play an important role in ensuring we go about our transformation in the best possible way, ensuring our very unique organisations deliver for our members now and in the future.

Marie Nixon- Chief Executive at Sunderland Students' Union