The charity sector is full of interesting organisations- but many people don’t realise that Students’ Unions are now also registered educational charities, and they could be the perfect place for you to offer your services as a trustee.

Students’ Unions are exciting and interesting places. If helping an organisation which is membership led, political, vibrant and full of young people who are working hard to deliver change for their members is something that appeals to you, then you should consider becoming part of the Trustee team.

Students' Unions have a huge impact- on education and in wider society. And the impact on individuals is huge too- every day, we see students undergoing life changing experiences in the activities we offer.
The thing is, students are fun. Our offices (and officers) are vibrant and exciting. There's an incredible variety of people. Our membership refreshes naturally and constantly. And it means that as organisations, we're always developing.

Trustee Boards in Students’ Unions are made up of student officers and students who are leading their organisation to deliver change for their members. What they need is support and guidance on things like strategy, financial oversight, legal advice and human resource support. You would be forming part of a team that delivers real change for students and helps develop student trustees too.

There are currently vacancies in Students’ Unions across the UK but there are over 140 students’ unions in the UK who have places on their board reserved for ‘external trustees’, so keep an eye out for one near you if the below opportunities don’t appeal. Your skills and experience could genuinely help change the lives of others.