Greenwich Students’ Union (GSU) is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee, providing services to students at the University of Greenwich.

There are approximately 20,000 students at the University of Greenwich. 80% of students are commuting each day to campus and teaching is spread across 3 campuses. Our services to students operate between Greenwich, Avery Hill and the Medway campuses.

We are have begun the 3rd year of our Big Plan and are striving to achieve our two goals: 

 1) Empower our members to change the world 
2) Ensure our members have a great time at Greenwich. 

 We are seeking a new Trustee to bring their passion, energy and strategic vision to join our board. We encourage applications from all professions and are interested in using your skills to enhance our board skill set in the following areas: 

  • Legal professionals with expertise in charity and/or company law

  • HR professionals with experience in the third or public sector.

  • Marketing or communications professionals particularly with membership or charity communications background.

Our trustee board is Chaired by Dr Elizabeth Jones and we have a total of 13 members made up of 5 external trustees from industry, 4 elected student trustees (Sabbatical Officers) and 4 appointed student trustees. We have a series of committees that operate alongside the main board meetings and we are keen for you to join our Staffing and Governance Committee.

The Trustee Board meets five times a year – November, January, March, May and July. The Staffing and Governance committee meet 3 times a year.

In 2018/19 GSU had an annual turnover of £3m. This was made up of annual subvention grant from the University of Greenwich, grants, Social Enterprise revenue through traded services and gift-in-kind (donated services).

In September 2018 we moved into the Dreadnought student hub at the heart of the Old Royal Naval College campus opening a new coffee shop – Change – and 500 capacity venue – Lower Deck. These venues are additional to our convenience store – The Village Shop - at the Avery Hill campus, merchandise and medial sales income. This move has provided GSU with the opportunity to greatly expand our student engagement and services alongside driving commercial revenue.

The success of GSU to generate money through our commercial revenue is a strategic priority as any profit made, we can invest back into providing services to students.

As a trustee you will have:

  • Proven experience operating at a strategic leadership level

  • Experience of High Education, Further Education or Youth services (desirable not essential)

  • Experience of chairing committees/meetings is desirable

  • Strategic vision and thinking

  • Good independent and objective judgement

  • Ability to think creatively and articulate ideas

  • Ability to work effectively as a member of a team

  • Legal, HR or Marketing and Communications professional experience is desirable not essential

  • Commitment to the values of GSU – Courageous, Trusted, Empowering, Dedicated and Approachable

  • Willingness to exercise leadership when required to do so.

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